Increase in number of Virus and Root kit Activity on computers.

I have been seeing a significant increase in the number of computers coming in with viruses or root kit activity. One particular virus is the FBI virus or one of the many variants out in the wild. Any of these infections are bypassing all known virus scanners and are installed on the client’s computer during web surfing in what is known as a drive by installations. Basically a hacker is able to get his malware on a website, and then during web browsing the malware utilizes security exploits in the un-suspecting clients computer and installs itself and begins its malicious work.

What is even more concerning is that I have had several clients in all age groups that have recently been infected and have attempted to pay the $200-$400 that is requested by the virus. Now I can tell you that the virus looks very official, complete with FBI logo and code sections that you have supposedly violated. It is important to remember, the FBI is not going to lock out our computer, if you really did something bad enough for law enforcement to investigate you, they will be knocking on your door most likely with a warrant in hand.

If you find yourself with this virus or any others in your computer, remember that we can help you get the virus cleaned up and up computer back functional, a majority of the time without any loss of data and without having to reinstall everything. Drop it off at Radio Shack in Hiawassee, GA., or gives us a call to schedule an home/business visit or to see if we can handle the repair via a remote session. 706 896-9557. We continue to honor our Flat Rate virus removal price of $65.00 for all virus removals done in-shop or via remote session.

As always, thank you for trusting us for all of your computer needs. Brian